Rider Guider

Rider Guider is a product created in MIT's product design class 2.009 by a team of 19 students including myself. It was inspired by the theme "outdoors" and provided a solution to the growing number of bicycling accidents due to distraction. The product is a navigation system which feeds directions from an app onto a user's handlebars, giving them tactile directions through intuitively coded vibrations.

First, our team considered the problem:

(sketches are my work)

And imagined the solution:
(sketches are my work)

The product flow is simple. A smartphone app relays directions through bluetooth to a navigation module, or 'box', on the bike. This module then activates vibrations in corresponding grips of either handlebar, instructing the cyclist of his or her next turn:

(diagram is my work)

The app UI is slim and modern:

(Concept, Design, and Graphics my work)

The final prototype was fully functioning and integrated.

(Renderings not my work)