Scrubs for Adaline

Since finishing my graduate research (and to keep busy during the pandemic) I have been working on improving my sewing skills through projects for family members.

The first family member to receive something is my niece!

Adaline is 3 years old, and loves to play doctor (or veterinarian) to "fix" everyone in her home, including the family dog Marvel, and her plethora of stuffed animals. For her birthday, she received a kit of tools to help her with her fixing needs, but there's something else she might need: doctor's scrubs!

Putting together patterns for toddler pants and shirts with those for adult scrubs, I made a full set of scrubs that should fit Adaline's measurements, including a cap and mask.

Of course, doctors have to carry many tools with them, and to help with that I added pockets to the pants pattern (also, goodness knows there are too many pocketless pants for girls and I don't want to add to that):

Stay tuned for more projects and pictures of Adaline in these scrubs once they arrive to her in the mail!